A Coffee a Month with Ethical Addictions

As a quick note to start, I would just like to say that although I have received the product to try, I am in no way obliged to write positive things about this company.I am not being paid for this review, nor will I be receiving any commission for your purchases. As I promised to you guys in my about section, I will only ever be authentic about things I promote and therefore you can be assured that this is my honest opinion.

As was highly requested by my followers, the first coffee I am going to review for you is the Brazilian Coffee. If you don’t know already, Ethical Addictions pride themselves on ethically sourcing their coffee beans. And I’m not just talking about Fairtrade here, I am talking about the “Head Bean”, Ian, physically going to the farm, meeting the families and paying them directly! This in itself I think is a incredibly unique because it allows them to ensure that the people who are working for them are getting a fair price and build lasting relationships to increase the quality of lives of people who work on their farms.

Anyway, enough about how awesome this company is, what about this month’s coffee? The Brazilian coffee that I was kindly sent was Ground Coarse meaning it can go into my cafetiere (and then the grounds go into my compost bin!). The coffee is sourced from the Gerezim Farm in Minas Gerais and Ethical Addictions are so transparent about their trade practices that you even know that the coffee beans are farmed by the Caixeta family. I found that the description of the coffee on the bag was absolutely bang on. I can’t claim to be an expert in coffee tasting but the description “sweet, smooth and nutty” couldn’t have been more correct. I have in the past found coffee tasting notes to be essentially nonsense to me but the accurate description on this I found to be very useful. I personally take my coffee black with no sugar, so ultimately there is no hiding the quality of the coffee. Honestly though, I would recommend trying this coffee black because I think you will be surprised that you won’t need additional flavouring.

You can give the Brazillian Gerezim a go for yourself by visiting Ethical Addictions website and you can purchase 225g for £4.89 or 1kg for £18.55 in your preferred grind type. I appreciate to some of you this will seem a lot of money when you can Google to find a similar product around £3-4 but from personal experience, I have found them not as tasty. I am not a massive coffee drinker; I will have a cup or two a day in the week – mostly as I am a bit of a caffeine lightweight! But I am not sure I could go back to supermarket coffee after trying this. Not only is the taste superior compared to the other brands I have tried but I will choose to vote with my wallet when it comes to ensuring the ethical standards of the products I am buying and recommending to you. With the more long-term money saving that has come from other sustainable practices in my life, the extra £1 or so is more than worth it to me. Fairtrade only goes so far in my opinion, giving minimum requirements to their traders but it is important to me to support those companies, like Ethical Addictions, who go a step further and have their hearts in the right place.

I hope you have enjoyed the start of this mini-series and I look forward to you checking back in next month where I will be reviewing the Machare coffee! If you go ahead and order from Ethical Addictions make sure to post a picture of your order on Instagram or Facebook and tag me and Ethical Addictions in your post!

Lottie xx

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  1. I’m not a regular coffee drinker – I might have one cup a day, three or four times a week, but I think I will try this one. It’s good to have an unbiased recommendation, thank you!

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