Georganics Toothpaste Review

Georganics is probably the single most talked about company when it comes to plastic free toothpaste. It was the first zero-waste toothpaste I tried and I have to be honest with you, I wouldn’t buy it again. Now don’t worry this is not all doom and gloom. It goes back to good old fluoride. As I have mentioned countless times before, I am in the “must contain fluoride” camp when it comes to toothpastes because I feel more comfortable with that little bit of extra cavity protection. But, fluoride isn’t for everyone, so if you are one of those people and you’re a bit unsure about toothpaste tablets or powder this is definitely worth a try.  

I tried both the activated charcoal and spearmint flavours but they have tonnes including your standard peppermint and more out there flavours like orange! (Bit strange but if that’s your thing then why not!).

The first one I decided to give a go was the charcoal one and I have to be honest with you, despite the fact it left my mouth feeling really fresh and clean, the taste of the toothpaste just wasn’t for me. I found it sort of lingered in my mouth, which wasn’t so great. I also found that I struggled to use just the right amount of toothpaste so was either left with a slightly gritty feel in my mouth or felt a little unclean. The final thing that made me not enjoy the charcoal one is because of the mess it left in my sink! Black splashes all over my bathroom aren’t really something I want to deal with when I am in a rush in the morning. Additionally, due to the texture of the toothpaste, it was tricky to wipe off surfaces and almost felt sort of oily? Maybe I am just messy when I clean my teeth!

The spearmint, however, I found a lot more pleasant. It was slightly milder in taste than most toothpastes, as these are often peppermint flavoured but I found this to actually be really nice. If nothing else, if you aren’t into fluoride, you should give this a go for the smell! The toothpaste was a lot less gritty feeling if I accidentally used to much and made my mouth feel equally clean as regular toothpastes. Unlike the charcoal, there weren’t the yucky black splashes with this one and I would happily buy it again if it weren’t for the fluoride issue. Have I mentioned that enough yet?

I tried both of these options using manual bamboo and electric toothbrushes and I found the general results, in terms of feel, to be comparable to standard toothpastes.

I actually really love the packaging and the variety in the products. They stock everything from toothpaste powders and tablets to mouthwash and floss, which I would like to try in the future. The toothpaste comes in a small glass jar (can be cleaned and reused), a cardboard box (can be composted) with a little toothpaste spatula made of bamboo! So at a first glance I was super impressed! My grandparents liked how it looked too because it was “like what [they] used to use”, so made them smile when I asked for it for Christmas one year.

If you fancy giving this a go, you can get your hands on a jar for £6.90, which is more than your standard toothpastes but lasts a bit longer, in my experience. I will leave it up to you as to whether you feel this is somewhere you’d like to invest in, in terms of zero-waste living. I have previously said oral hygiene for me is the area I won’t compromise on, so if that’s you too, this could be worth a look on their website.

Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree with me, either here on the blog, on Facebook or on Instagram. Or if you have tried this out for yourself. As ever, make sure to share with a friend if you think they will find my blog interesting and make sure to check back in on Monday for my next post.

Lottie xx

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