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Zero Waste Kitchen – Around the House

Hello lovely people! So nice of you to join me again. Today I am going to be sharing some of my best tips when it comes to having your very own zero-waste kitchen.

If you fancy it, you can check out My Little Eco Shop and get 15% off with the code LITTLEBYLOTTIE21. No pressure at all but it’s a great place to get some initial ideas of awesome swaps around the house. If you do use the link above, or any other links in this post I may make a small commission. However, that money will only be put back into this blog so I can try more things to recommend to you. I will write a post this week explaining all about it. I promise though, I won’t ever recommend anything I don’t like. For more see my promise to you in my about section.

The Washing Up

In an ideal world, I would always say “use your dishwasher”. Why? Not because I am lazy, although trust me I am, but because it actually uses a lot less water than washing up in the sink. Yes, it may use more energy but on balance, the planet loves you more if you use it, or so I am told. That isn’t always practical for everyone and I get that, whether a dishwasher is too much of a luxury item for you, you have a small family, or you have some fancy bits that aren’t dishwasher friendly, we all need to do a good old fashioned bit of pot scrubbing now and again. In the light of full disclosure, I am TERRIBLE at washing up. Not because I don’t enjoy it, I just am not very talented in this area so have a tendency to leave large chunks of broccoli on plates (although not exclusively broccoli).

Dishwasher Tablets

If you are able to use a dishwasher then yay!! But, have you noticed that dishwasher tablets always come in these really annoying foil type bags. Don’t fear Smol is here, (oh man, did I seriously just write that!). Smol are great when it comes to dishwasher tablets, and honestly they are the first ones we tried. And it was just to do with the number of adverts we had seen for it. Am I in love? I don’t know yet, but I would say definitely give them a go. You can get a trial pack of 9 tablets for £1, which is worth it when you think that the supermarket bumper back of 75 tablets or more costs about 13p each and these work out at 11p each in the trial pack. I will update you if I decide to give some more brands a go.

Dish Brushes

So I am not going to lie to you, zero waste dish brushes can be a little pricier than some of your super budget friendly 50p dishbrushes you might have seen but they are a product I personally think is worth trying, if you are aiming for a zero waste kitchen. These are some of the cheaper ones I have found from Eplanita. It comes with 3 replacement heads and a sponge so works out at about £2.50 a piece. Then you can compost the head and just get replacement ones. If you look after these, they’ll look after you too and they’re actually much more hygienic and can last longer than plastic ones. In my opinion, they’re worth the initial investment. Like I have said a lot over the last few posts, if you already have a good working dishbrush or anything else for that matter, it will be just fine and don’t feel you need to replace it until it’s time for a new one.

Dish Soap Bar

So if you have been reading my blogs for a while now you will know I rave about basically anything that comes in bar form! And this is no different. Honestly, I just think its pretty cool that you can just rub a brush over the wet bar and then there’s washing up liquid! If this sounds like something you fancy giving a try, make sure you have a trusty soap dish, so you aren’t wasting any product. EcoLiving are pretty raved about when it comes to zero waste kitchen products but they aren’t always the cheapest but do come in two sizes so could be good if you want to try them out. Another option, if you are looking for something a little bit on the cheaper side, is this pack of 4 from LoofCo. It’s great and works out at £2.75 a bar.

Reusable Kitchen Roll

Have you ever wondered why you use so much kitchen roll? We have. That’s why we actually haven’t bought kitchen roll, in it’s pesky plastic bag for a couple of years now. What you can do instead is get these great zero waste kitchen rolls! They work just like reusable face cloths where you can just pop them in the washing machine. And the really cool thing is that you can just wrap them back around the roll and it’s like ‘normal’ kitchen roll. So is it cheaper? Well let’s think about it, a kitchen roll with 100 sheets cost £1.25 ish right? Well these ones costs £6.25 for 20 sheets all of which can be used over 100 times. So 2,000 uses at £6.25 for the reusable ones. Not bad! For the same number of sheets disposables would cost £25. Yeah, a bit of a no brainer here! Next time you run out of kitchen roll pick some of these up, your bank account and the trees will thank you. If you are feeling adventurous you could even make your own out of old t-shirts! If you would like me to show you how to do this just give me a shout.



Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that can make the biggest difference. If you are reading this then I can almost guarantee you have spent some of your time day dreaming about having the perfect aesthetically pleasing pantry, or is that just me? Anyway, if you’re planning on embarking on zero waste living, don’t ever throw away a jar. Take the label off and clean them. They are like gold dust to zero-wasters. They are perfect for storing dried goods, homemade jam, hummus or basically anything you can think of. If you don’t have enough and you’re in your refill store, often they will have some you can pick up for free or for next to nothing. Also, they often pop up on Olio or Trash Nothing (both awesome check them out!), where you can again pick them up for free. A little bit of advice, if you see big ones POUNCE! They are hard to come by and if you don’t want them feel free to send them my way. This is my favourite zero waste kitchen tip because it’s completely free and it gets you one step closer to having shelves you’re not ashamed to show people.

Bread Bag or Bin

One final thing for today for the good old trusty loaf of bread. I had one of you lovely followers ask me yesterday about how I store my homemade bread. (She had got a bread maker on my recommendation and LOVES it! If you want to know more about why bread makers are awesome check this out.) This is a very valid point and rubbish little me forgot to say this. Make sure you keep your bread in a bread bag or bin to make sure it stays fresh. I don’t recommend going out and spending lots of money on a fancy one, although no judgement if that’s your little treat to yourself for surviving the last year of lockdown. We don’t actually have a bread bag, we simply wrap our bread up in an old tea towel and pop it in our bread bin. This keeps the bread fresh and it was a totally free swap. We will probably invest in one when the tea towels get too tatty but for now we are happy.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post and I have a little surprise for you! Keep your eyes peeled this Wednesday for a BONUS post. No spoilers just make sure to pop back at 6pm on Wednesday. Let me know down in the comments what I have missed because I think I might need to do a part two! Make sure if you haven’t already that you have subscribed to my blog and you will get posts straight to your email. Thank you for checking in again.

Lottie xx

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  1. Instead of buying the plastic bottles for our clothes washing liquid, we’ve bought a large cardboard packaged box of washing powder. I’m hoping the box is recyclable!

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