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So I am here, wrapped up in a blanket and drinking a lovely cup of coffee, which can only mean one thing! It’s time for me to introduce to you this month’s ‘Coffee of the Month’ from Ethical Addictions, based in my hometown of Gloucester. This time I am going to chat to you about the Machare coffee which is sourced from the Machare farm located 4,500 feet up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

I have to admit that I was mildly horrified when I went to make myself a cup of the Machare coffee this morning, to realise I have well and truly made my way through the majority of the bag. It is safe to say this has been the ground I have reached for the most. It isn’t my favourite of the four coffee’s I have tried (that one I will tell you all about next month) but it is definitely up there, and I can see myself purchasing it again when I do run out.

My thoughts

The quality of this coffee speaks for itself and I find it the easiest of the four to drink on a day to day basis, closely followed by the Brazilian that I told you all about in this post from last month. The reason for this is due to the incredibly smooth texture of the coffee itself. As described so accurately on the packaging, it has hints of chocolatey flavours with a subtle caramel in there too! Despite this, I found it to be less sweet than the Brazilian and is a Medium/Dark roast, which is my preference.

As ever, I drink my coffee black and would 100% recommend giving it a go without milk to see what you think, but if milk is your thing then go for it! A couple of you have said that despite usually taking your coffee with milk, you have enjoyed drinking Ethical Addictions without milk too!

I have been so pleased to hear that a few of you have been following along with this mini-series so if you picked up last month’s Brazilian Coffee (or didn’t but you want to join in now!) make sure you don’t miss out on this month’s offering.

How to get yourself a bag

To purchase yourself a bag make sure to head to the Ethical Addictions website where you can pick up a 225g bag for £5.29 or a 1kg bag for £19.95. If you want to hear about how comparable they are in terms of pricing, check out last month’s post where I explain all about it, linked here. I have also noticed this morning that they have a new subscription service, which I am very excited about. The price includes postage and packaging so why not treat yourself and follow along? If you want to follow along with my series and click the link here and select the following choices:

  1. Brazilian Rainforest
  2. Machare Kilimanjaro
  3. Mountain Top
  4. Columbian

My boyfriend and I have both got our parents involved and are loving it. If you do decide to give it a go make sure to comment down below or message me to share your thoughts! Just yesterday, Oscar’s mum and sister were saying how much they can taste the premium quality of the Brazilian Rainforest coffee from last month!

I hope you are enjoying this series and will join me again when I talk more about this wonderful company. Next month, I will be talking you through my favourite, the Mountain Top coffee, and will be chatting about the sustainability side of the company. Don’t forget my ‘Coffee a Month’ series is released on the second Thursday of every month and you definitely won’t want to miss it. Speak again soon.

Lottie xx

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