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How I get a better night’s sleep – Zero Waste Edition

Having focused last week around self-care there is one more post I would like to share with you about how I live a lifestyle that sustains both me and the planet. Many of us struggle to switch our brains off at night, and here is how I get a better night’s sleep in an eco-friendly way. If you haven’t had a look at those posts yet, I will link them down below for you.

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Yes I am aware of how crazy I look in this photo…

Let me start this off by saying that I would have to be some kind of superwoman to be able to achieve this every single night without fail. Nevertheless, during this week while I am focusing on self-care I wanted to share some of the things I like to incorporate into my evening routine that have helped me get a better night’s sleep.

Why sleeping well is so important?

Sleep and wellbeing have a very complicated and clear two way relationship with one another. If you are getting a good nights sleep you will be more alert, productive and happy. Studies have even shown that having good sleeping habits can actually reduce your risk of developing various mental health conditions. Similarly, poor sleeping habits are often a side effect of said mental health conditions. That being said, you don’t need to have a diagnosed medical condition for negative emotions to affect your slumber.

Camomile tea

One of my absolute favourite things to do in the evening to start relaxing ready for bed is making myself a lovely cup of camomile tea. I either use a plastic free tea bag (yep tea bags have plastic in them!) or I use the super yummy loose leaf tea I pick up at my local zero waste store. Controversially, I like to make my loose leaf tea in a cafetiere, is that just me? Let me know if you do that too.

Turn off everything!

On a good day, I like to make sure that everything is turned off an hour before I go to bed. I mean TV, plug sockets and yes even phone! If you need to use your phone as an alarm, have a look and see if you can set up downtime. This is great because it will automatically block you from using social media after a specified time allowing your brain to switch off too. The bonus of switching everything off is you’re saving electricity, money and getting a better night’s sleep.

Cleaning my space

When I first heard this I really thought it was a load of nonsense, but having done this for a while now I have realised that doing a quick tidy up of your house before you go to bed is really underrated. I simply tidy up the lounge, pop the dishwasher on and wipe down the kitchen sides and it makes a huge difference. Of course, I use my favourite zero-waste cleaning products which you can find out more about here. Somehow, by cleaning your space it seems to clean out your busy brain too. Don’t ask me why but it works. It’s also a really lovely feeling when groggy you doesn’t have to battle with last nights dishes when all you want is your morning cup of tea.

Calming essential oils

Again, this is one I was a little sceptical of and honestly thought it was a bit of a hippy thing to do, but since Christmas I have been using sleep spray on my pillow or sleep balm on my skin. I have found it to be really settling and it’s really simple to make your own. Mine was bought for me for Christmas but I will definitely be making my own once it runs out. It is simply a case of combining some essential oils with a carrier such as witch hazel or vodka (yes you read that right!) and a little bit of water. My favourites are lavender scented.

Wash my face

Before I clean my teeth every night, one of the most important parts of my bedtime routine, even if I haven’t done anything else on this list is to wash my face. By doing this, I remove any make up if I was wearing any, which I do with my homemade make up remover and reusable cotton rounds (check here for details). This is then followed by a gentle cleanser and warm water. It is not only good for my skin, but it is also very relaxing to do before bed. I get a much better night’s sleep when my skin is clean.


Finally, after I have hopped into my pjs, I like to read a chapter or so of whatever book I am reading, honestly it’s usually about four at a time! Depending on how I am feeling, I will either read a physical copy of a book, use my e-reader (ensuring the blue light is turned off) or an audiobook. Reading is a proven method to relax and is a great way to allow yourself to escape into another world where all of the day to day worries aren’t there.

I hope you have enjoyed the last three posts about zero-waste self care. Posts from now on will be a bit more like what you’ve been used to but it was definitely important to share this with you too! If I have missed any of your best tips off of this list let me know in the comments and check back in on Thursday for my next product review.

Lottie xx

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