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Are Shaving bars as Good as They’re Meant To Be?

I have said this before and I’ll say it again, shaving should be a totally optional thing to do, so (girls especially) if you can go around with unshaven legs and hairy armpits I applaud you! However, this isn’t me. I feel most confident when I have shaved so I will continue to keep this as part of my routine. When starting to live a zero waste lifestyle this was a problem for me because I didn’t know there was another option to shaving foam that came in an aerosol can… The solution a shaving bar!

If this is you, I am here to tell you there is another option! And you’ll be pleased to know that it doesn’t involve using water alone or any old random bar of soap you can find – ineffective methods, I have tried and DO NOT recommend. What I would suggest is investing in a shaving bar!!

Friendly Soap Shaving Bar

Now, I have mentioned this company countless times before and was fortunate enough to be sent four, yes FOUR, of their awesome shaving bars. I have been using one, I sent one to Dad to use on his face and then I have two more which you can win yourself by entering my latest giveaway.

Make sure you check out the video below, for information on how to enter as well as the other products included.

I am just going to quickly add, despite the fact I was sent these products to try, I am not being paid and I am in no way obligated to say anything positive about them.

How to use a shaving bar

Shaving bars have actually been used for a very long time and were traditionally used with a bowl and a brush to lather up the product. It is exactly the same with modern shaving bars and if you want to pick up a brush that’s totally fine. However, I don’t actually have either of those things (okay I have a bowl but you get what I mean) so I decided to give it a go on it’s own. I simply wet the bar, rubbed it on my legs to apply the product and then used my hands to make a foam. Following that, all you have to do is shave like normal, which I do with my lovely safety razor. If you want to hear about how much I love my safety razor and why you should consider getting one next time you need to replace your razor, check out this post here.

I am considering picking up a shaving brush myself as I find the bar is a trickier on my armpits and I think it would save me time, however, for now I am very happy using what I have and will be definitely picking up another one when this runs out.

Are there different scents?

YES! There are two different scents available from Friendly Soap, Lavender and Orange (my favourite!) and also a fragrance free option too, which Dad chose.

How did we get on using a shaving bar?

I am a little ashamed to say… this was actually my first time using a shaving bar! The reason for it was because I have been using the same shaving foam can for longer than I care to admit (okay it’s been about 2 years or more!). Lockdown didn’t do much to encourage me to shave! However, I have to say it was AMAZING! One thing I noticed was not only how easy the bar was to use but also how moisturised my legs felt afterwards. I almost always use a moisturiser after shaving but I really didn’t need to. One less product I need to buy (yippee!).

Dad had a similar experience, although less leg shaving was involved. As a hairless (ish) faced woman I have no need to shave my face so it was really important to me to share the opinion of a face shaving individual too! For those of you who don’t know my dad, I would say he’s not easily pleased. So, when I received this message from him…

I had a shave this morning with the bar, best way to review that is that is no different than using the Gillette gel, very good! The shaving gel I normally use is £2.25, so that’s an easy swap for me!

For those of you who are wondering he also just used his hands.

Something that was highlighted to me through sharing the product with him was that I realised that often people use non-sustainable products because they don’t realise there is a sustainable option. So make sure you are sharing this with your friends, family or anyone who will listen to make sure they know that there are other options out there too!

The important stuff

Okay so let’s talk money, each shaving bar from Friendly Soap costs just £2.75 and lasts much longer than the regular shaving foam you might be using. I can’t say for sure because I am no where near finishing mine, however from a quick search online I found out, a shaving bar lasts around 100 shaves! For me, someone who shaves once or twice a week, that’s over a year! A quick note, the recommended shelf life of the product is 12 months after opening however, I have every intention of using it up until it’s done.

Let’s think about Dad with his Gillette shaving foam costing £2.25, which he reckons lasts him around a month, totalling £27 a year. By making this switch, if you were to shave every 3-4 days you would be saving just under £25! At worst, if you shaved everyday, you would need 4 bars a year which is only £11. This is another one of those no brainers which if you aren’t doing already you 100% should.

The other important stuff to mention is the packaging, which if you’re interested is 100% plastic free. It comes in a little cardboard box which you can pop straight into your compost bin when you are finished with it. Finally, the product is 100% vegan, made in the UK, cruelty free, sulfate free, preservative free AND palm oil free. Honestly, I just can’’t fault it.

If you want to pick one up for yourself head over to the Friendly Soap website, other online eco-shops or check out your local plastic free store as they are widely stocked, especially around the UK.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post. Let me know if you have tried shaving bars, whether you’re thinking of swapping or are really not sure about it. Make sure to tune in again on Monday for another post, and in the mean time head over to YouTube if you haven’t seen my latest video  “Why you are wrong about recycling”. See you soon.

Lottie xx

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