A Coffee a Month with Ethical Addictions – Mountain Top

It’s that time of the month where I get to drink far more coffee than I should and tell you all about it. This time it is my absolute favourite from Ethical Addictions, their Mountain Top coffee!

Last month I told you all about the amazing ways in which Ethical Addictions supports the communities that they work with. The way they source their coffee from people they have made personal relationships with has an incredible way of changing the lives of the farmers for the better. Make sure to check out the short clip below, where Laurent Joseph — one of the coffee farmers at the Machare farm — explains how Ian and his company have had an incredibly positive impact on his life. If you haven’t read the posts from the last couple of months yet I will link them here for you.

What it tastes like…

I guess you are probably wondering what the coffee tastes like right? The tasting notes (ooh I sound so fancy!) for this one are described as chocolate, caramel and citrus. Do you see  why this one is my favourite? I am definitely no coffee expert but I can really taste the chocolatey flavour in this one which is a nice treat! Because it has a sweeter taste, I don’t reach for this one as regularly as the other flavours, but it’s still my favourite out of the ones I’ve tried.

I make my coffee in a single person cafetiere which means I order Coarse Ground beans. If you make your coffee any other way there is a super helpful guide when you order which will aid you in finding your perfect grind.

Ethical Addictions Prices

Shall we talk about money? This is the most expensive of the four Ethical Addictions coffees I have tried, which is another reason I use it a little more sparingly than the others – having said that I only have about two mugs worth left! It costs £5.49 for a 225g bag or £20.70 for 1kg. For those of you who regularly drink coffee, you’ll notice that this is a bit pricier than some of the coffee you may buy in the supermarket. Personally, I am more than willing to spend a small amount extra to ensure that the workers on the farms where the coffee is grown are treated fairly. If you want to pick yourself up a bag or two to try head over to their website here.

The coffee growing industry is notorious for essentially enslaving their workers, and I for one am keen to make sure that those who are effectively working so I can have a luxury item, such as coffee, are treated as I would wish to be if I were in their shoes. I choose to vote with my money, as the saying goes, which is why I will be repurchasing Ethical Addictions coffee without doubt, when I need to restock.

Additionally, this is a much cheaper option for those of you who often stop at a coffee shop on your way into work. You might spend £3 or more on a cup of coffee each day, if you use around 10g of coffee like I do for each cup, this will cost you less than 25p a cup. Honestly, I think these taste better so it’s kind of a no brainer for me.

Just a little note

Oh and for those of you who are wondering, do you remember in my first post where I said I was a bit of a caffeine lightweight? I would say this is much less the case now thanks to the strange working hours that studying a masters entails! Just thought I would pop that in there.

I am kind of gutted that I only have one more amazing Ethical Addictions Coffee to share with you as I have been really enjoying working with Ian and his team. Next month I am sharing the Columbian coffee with you and will be chatting a little about their sustainability practices. Speak soon!

Lottie xx

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