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Going back to Nature – Just a few thoughts

If I am being totally honest with you, I didn’t want to write a blog post today. I have spent the weekend exploring National Trust properties in the Chiltern Hills and generally being disconnected from the world. We are visiting Oscar’s family this week for a wedding and consequently  I am very much feeling like I am still in a little holiday (or at least weekend away) bubble. This in itself has got me thinking, why is it that there is something that just feels right about being outside and why is it that we long to not return to normality?

Sure, I get it, being on holiday is great but our type of mini-break isn’t exactly a big luxurious affair. This break in particular consisted of staying in an extremely budget friendly AirBnB, and wearing scruffy old jeans and walking boots. It was actually pretty tiring as we spent all of the time wandering outside, but I feel remarkably refreshed (and somehow simultaneously exhausted!). It is somehow far more than wanting to not be in reality, for me, and I assume others, it’s about wanting to be in that state of disconnect – especially given how much technology dominates our lives.

I have said this time and time again, sustainable living isn’t simply about sustaining the planet we live on but also about sustaining ourselves. One of the best ways we can do this often, is by going back to basics and just be outside.

Why? Being outside not only improves your mental health but can actually improve your physical health. It has been known to lower your blood pressure and stress levels which is always great.

This post is not like most of the ones I have written, but I just think sometimes its good to be reminded that you ought to spend some time outside. If you can this week, try to make a conscious effort to walk to the corner shop rather than hopping straight in the car, go on a cycle with a friend rather than sitting inside playing video games or even plant some veggies out in your garden!

This type of post was just a one off, however, I stand by the idea of sustaining yourself first, it just happens to be that when you’re spending time in nature, more often than not, you’re doing something good for the planet too! I am not entirely sure if any of that made any sort of coherent sense but I just felt like I wanted to share. Speak soon.

Lottie xx

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