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The Truth about Wild Deodorant: Is it worth the hype?

I think I have shared with you before that I am a bit of a smelly creature, that or I am just super paranoid. Either way, I find it super difficult to find a decent deodorant that works for me. During my second year of university, I started using Lush’s natural deodorant bar, which I quickly fell out of love with. I hated applying it with my hands as it left residue, it dried out (no matter what I did to try to save it) and I got to pay a significant amount of money for the pleasure. Thus, my mission to find my perfect zero-waste deodorant journey began! Here are some of my thoughts on Wild Deodorant.

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Before I go further, if you like what you see here and you want to give it a go, follow this link and you will get a free case with your order! I don’t benefit at all from you using this link, just thought it would be nice to share.

Having had this experience, I have to admit I reverted pretty quickly to my old ways, using good old Dove aerosols. While aerosols are far less harmful now-a-days than they were historically (NOTE: I am not advocating for the use of aerosols, they’re still bad) – this was something I was super nervous to change due to the aforementioned BO paranoia.

After tonnes of adverts for Wild Deodorant, I decided to give it a try. I had also seen some pretty good things online about it so I thought, why not and even managed to get Oscar on board after a bit of arm twisting.

How Sustainable is it?

There are several ways in which I measure how sustainable a product is: what is the packaging (both the product itself and the postage), what ingredients does it contain and how to dispose of the product when I am finished, being the main ones.

The packaging for the product in terms of postage is great, it is entirely compostable and recyclable as it is entirely cardboard (possibly recycled cardboard however silly me already composted hers!). The packaging of the product itself comes in two parts, the case, and the refills. The refills are made of bamboo pulp so are completely compostable which is pretty bang on in terms of sustainable packaging. The only downside is that the case has a small amount of plastic inside the aluminium outer. However, this is not a single use plastic item, reduces the amount of plastic used and can be returned to Wild if you wish to, which they send to Terracyle.

Another great thing about this product is the ingredients as it is totally vegan and cruelty free! While I am not a vegan in terms of diet, I do like to use vegan products – long story for tomorrow’s YouTube video. The deodorant formulation is also paraben, aluminium, and sulphate free which is awesome. Wild Deodorant are totally transparent about ingredients and a full list for each scent can be found here.

The final thing, which I have already touched on is the disposability of the product. The cases are designed to last a lifetime and can be returned to Wild to responsibly dispose of if required. Similarly, the disposal of the packaging is totally compostable and plastic free which makes for a happy Lottie.

The Transition Period

One of the reasons neither of us particularly wanted to switch to a natural deodorant was due to the dreaded transition period! If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a 2 (ish) week period where your body adapts to the way natural deodorants work because they’re different than your traditional anti-perspirants.

To our surprise, we didn’t actually experience any kind of transition period which was great, so if you have heard horror stories, don’t let it put you off. Not everyone experiences this.


When you receive your first Wild deodorant it can be a bit confusing when you first open the box. It will contain a case and some refills (depends on what you have ordered). The refills you can choose yourself online and you can pick as many or as few scents as your heart desires. To insert the refill, you simply twist the case all the way down, squeeze the two buttons on the side and slide the bottom off. Take the lid of the refill, pop it on the bottom of the case and reinsert into the original position. You do not need to take the bamboo outer case off of the refill. Then all you have to do is twist the deodorant up and you’re good to go. Another fab thing about this product is unlike other deodorants you only need to apply a couple of gentle swipes to your armpits each morning, requiring less product. When the deodorant is finished, simply remove the cardboard container (remembering to compost it!) and start the cycle again.

Let’s talk money

The combination of quality and budget friendly is a firm favourite of mine and so I wanted to explore the financials a little. On Wild’s website, they suggest that the deodorant lasts for around a month, but again, pleasant surprise – we found it actually lasted around 8 weeks! Since our previous deodorant cost around £1.50 to £1.70 I was not sure I wanted to try the Wild deodorant as it costs £5 per refill. Given these last about twice as long as my previous deodorants, I would say that these cost £2.50 a month, which is still about £1 more expensive per month. Having said that, in the grand scheme of things is £12 a year really that much? This will depend on who you are and what your personal financial situations are, however, in order to make a sustainable swap this might be an extra cost you are willing to make. Additionally, this deodorant is cheaper than some of the other natural deodorants I have found and given the £25 a year I am saving from switching to plastic free shaving bars (see the full review and financial break down here), on balance, I would still be saving £13 a year, even if I did choose to spend a little extra on deodorant.

Oscar’s thoughts on Wild Deodorant

For those of you who don’t know Oscar, nobody could accuse him of sticking to gender norms! However, he was hesitant to try the deodorant at first as he didn’t want to have an overpowering smell lingering all day and didn’t want it to smell to ‘girly. Another concern of his was that he cycles to and from work everyday and he did not want to be the stinky boy in the office. I actually ended up chatting to one of you guys about it and Oscar eventually settled on trying the ‘Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt’ scent, which he loved. Despite the initial reservations, he is extremely happy with this product and has ordered some more!

My thoughts on Wild Deodorant

First impressions of this products was I LOVE THIS!! As time went on I have to be honest with you, I fell out of love with it a little. I have shared this a few times before and I am not ashamed to say, I am a bit of a stinky girl. I shower regularly but I just sweat a lot, some of us do, just a fact of life. Anyway, this means I actually find it pretty tricky to find a deodorant that works for me. Initially, I really thought this could be the one but I found at the end of the day I was getting a little on the pongy side of life. I also have pretty sensitive armpits (found this out the hard way during an incident as a 15 year old experimenting with hair removal cream! Long story!!), I found it caused a tiny weeny little rash to appear on my armpits, however this was purely superficial and didn’t cause any discomfort. Am I going to continue using Wild Deodorant? Yes. However, I find it works best for me if I need a top up on a particularly sweaty day, as it instantly neutralises any body odour. I am planning on picking up a second case for my drawer at work, however, I have switched over to a different brand for daily use which currently is working much better for me.  

Let me know if you have used Wild deodorant or think you might give it a go. And why not check out this post all about another zero waste alternative…

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