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Plastic Free July Day 1 – Shower Basics: Soap Bar

First of all, HELLO! It has been a while! If you are wondering, I am moving house, competing my masters thesis and also I have 93 (yeah you read that right!) pieces of content planned for the almighty PLASTIC FREE JULY! I know you are here because you love what I do so please don’t forget to share with a friend and get them to follow along too.

For more info check out the teaser video below…

Day 1: Shower Basics

Today’s theme is “Shower Basics”. I know for a lot of you reading this, you want to make sustainable changes but aren’t 100% sure where to start? I am right, right? For me the very first sustainable swap I ever made was shampoo, conditioner and soap bars. On the blog we’re chatting about Soap Bars (totally underrated in my opinion). For shampoo bars check out the video below and for conditioner bars, head over to Instagram, Facebook or TikTok (still not sure what the hype is about with that one in all honesty).

The Humble Bar of Soap

Of all of the swaps out there a bar of soap has to be the easiest. I don’t know why we don’t use them more often because to me they always remind me of something quite luxurious? You know that smell of handmade soap that nothing can compare to (although freshly made bread might get close?).

Handwashing has come to the forefront of people’s lives in the last 18 months, but soap bars aren’t just great for hands, they are great for the body too! (TMI- If you want to wash your downstairs bits, an unscented soap is the way to go, but don’t ever wash inside (if you have an inside)! A vagina is self-cleaning).

My Favourites

My absolute favourite soap is from Dorset Corner, which if you have come to my house at all you will have used as it is in EVERY SINGLE BATHROOM (or at least will be when I have more than one bathroom – for now it is just in the one). My neighbors actually came round the other day and they actually came back from the loo asking where the soap bar was from because it smelt so good!

Image from: https://dorset-corner.co.uk/collections/extra-fresh-lightly-fragranced

Dorset Corner is a fairly new brand, who are doing some really amazing things. All of their products are  Lotte (we disagree on whether it should contain an ‘i’ although pronounced the same), is so incredibly lovely and has offered an exclusive 10% discount to any of you who follow this link (with the code LOTTIE)and try her out! (Please do, we love to support small businesses.)

Financial and Environmental Stuff

For those of you used to picking up shower gel or hand soap for a £1 or £2 the prices of £6 a bar may shock you but I promise you they will work out cheaper in the long run. I have never used a soap bar that lasts this long!

The average Brit gets through 12-24 bottles of shower gel a year, so not only is there an awesome potential for a financial saving but you will also be saving over 1500 plastic bottles heading to landfill in your life time!

Don’t forget to go and check out shampoo bars and conditioner bars on YouTube and Instagram respectively and I will see you tomorrow for the next installment.

Lottie xx

PS. It is so good to be bad! I missed you.

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