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Plastic Free July Day 2 – Hidden Plastics: Chewing Gum

Seriously can someone explain this to me? There are hidden plastics in things! Just when you thought you are making progress… MORE PLASTIC! Makes you want to pull your hair out doesn’t it!

Have you guessed today’s theme yet? Yep that’s right… hidden plastics! On YouTube it’s all about tea, Instagram we’re all about hair bobbles and here on the blog it’s chewing gum!

(The YouTube video is coming I promise! Just a technical hitch but I guess it was going to happen at some point this month. Everyone cross their fingers but for now here is yesterday’s in case you missed it.)

Chewing Gum

Come on let’s be honest here… we have all had that day where we’ve had a bit of a stinky dinner the night before and no matter how much teeth cleaning we do, unless we reach for that piece of gum (or okay a mint but we’re talk about gum). But for some reason, which is completely beyond my comprehension, chewing gum contains plastic!

Historically, gum was made of chicle which is essentially a kind of tree sap but now all we are doing is chewing on a big ol’ lump of plastic! Yeah that’s just great, chewing on the same thing tyres are made from… YUM!!

Plastic has this rotten habit of only partially biodegrading over time into microplastics so what happens to our chewing gum? So accepting that chances are it will eventually break down albeit into something fairly unhealthy, when the rain (inevitable – if you’re from the UK) comes it washes the microplastics into the water systems. This cycles back around and eventually ends up in our food and drinks.

My Favourite Brand

Image from: https://www.ohmygum.com/shopomg/mintandcinnamon

The good news is that people like Oh My Gum (top notch name!) are making it so much easier for us to make better choices as they sell plastic free, plant based gum! Trust me it is AMAZING too! My uni friends and I went out for brunch the other week (not as middle class as it sounds) and we all had some of the Oh My Gum gum that I had in my bag! They could hardly believe it when I told them it was plant based!

Sadly, no discount codes on the blog today BUT I do have one over on Instagram and Facebook for Fair Squared, the company I have been working with for some content this month and you can get 15% off everything they stock with the code LOTTIE.

Don’t forget to check out the other two swaps in today’s instalment of “Hidden Plastics” and check in again tomorrow for a little date night (no not with me silly!!).

Lottie xx

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