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The Humble Water Bottle – Plastic Free July

Okay, let’s be real here… Plastic Free July has gone to pot! But I am okay with that. It was a huge goal and I am not a super human. Having said that,  I do think what I wanted to share are going to be a super useful resource for you guys. So, I am going to plod on and just keep going. Whether I get all of the content out by the end of July or whether it takes me until the end of August so be it. Life happens and if I am completely honest, moving house has really knocked everything out of me. But, while I may be exhausted, I love my blog and other social media platforms so I keep plodding along. Anyway, today’s instalment is the humble water bottle.

I have to be honest, while the water bottle is one of the most simple changes you can make, I honestly think it can be one of the most powerful. Not only that, but it is incredibly accessible. There is a water bottle out there for everyone! Whether you want to go all out and get yourself a nice posh, insulated bottle like the ones from Klean Kanteen or Chilly’s or you want a 100% plant based one with a coffee cup style lid like the ones from S’Wheat (Use “LOTTIE5” for £5 off). Or even, using the one that is sitting in the back of your cupboard.

Image from: https://www.chillys.com/uk

I think leaving the house with a reusable bottle in your bag can be a mighty symbol for who you are and what change you want to see in the world. Not only that, but every time someone sees you drinking out of that super cute bottle, they get quietly jealous and wonder why on earth they have just purchased a bottle from the supermarket for £1.50 when it is this horrible, ugly plastic, when they could have expressed themselves through their bottle and got the water for next to nothing from the tap.

A water bottle is something I can never go anywhere without, especially since I discovered the Refill app too, which I have mentioned a few times before. It is a perfect way to locate where you can fill your water bottle up, no matter where you in the world and has been an absolute lifesaver during this heat!

For more of my favourite eco friendly swaps check out this blog post or the other posts in this series.

Let me know in the comments down below what your favourite water bottle is and whether or not you agree with me.

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