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Reusable Nappies – Plastic Free Swap Ideas

I am not in the stage of my life where I am ready to be a parent but it is something that most of us will chose to do at some point in our lives. Although, the cool uncle or auntie roll is also a perfectly acceptable decision to make. But having visited my friend yesterday, I realised that babies make a lot of waste. In fact a friend of mine used to lovingly refer to them as squawking S*** machines… and to an extent its true, they make a lot of poop, or so I am told.

According to the Guardian newspaper, the average baby gets through 4,000 disposable nappies by the time they’re potty-trained, costing families an absolute fortune and creating the equivalent of half a tonne of carbon dioxide. But there are some other solutions out there and they’re actually a bit old school! Seriously talk to your grandparents generation and they will tell you that this was just normal. And that is the good old cloth nappy or diaper as those of you in the US have a totally different meaning for the word nappy.

Reusable nappies are a great way to also save money with studies suggesting you could save almost £1500 by using reusables. On top of this some local authorities in the UK actually giving our grants to new parents to give them a go! Also, you can rent reusable nappies from places like your NCT groups if you want to try them out but aren’t fully ready to commit yet.

So how do they actually work? Cloth nappies usually have two or three parts, the absorbant cloth, a waterproof outer and some also have an inside liner to catch waste, much like a menstrual pad. There are various types as well which have various parts and some are even all in one which makes it just like using disposable ones. Then all you do is flush the poop down the toilet, soak** and wash in the washing machine, again like reusable menstrual pads, hang them to dry and off you go again!

** Thank you to @our_little_eco_steps on instagram who pointed out to me that it is not advised to soak cloth nappies anymore. I can’t know everything hehe!

Although, I can’t claim to have experience myself, I am told that The general rule of thumb is that you will need 20-25 nappies, with one cover per every five nappies for two-part nappy systems.

Let me know your thoughts on reusable nappies in the comments. I know they aren’t for everyone, especially those people without babies but for others they can be total lifesavers.

Just to end, a quick thank you for your patience over the last couple of months, I am a little quiet at the minute as I finish my degree but I hope to be back twice a week again soon! Oh and little secret… I have some big exciting news coming in a few weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

Lottie xx

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