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Reusable Coffee Cups – The Ultimate Sustainable Swap?

Reusable coffee cups are the classic zero waste alternative, right? But there is a really good reason for this! The coffee cups that are thrown into the landfill every single year have the equivalent carbon footprint of over 33,000 cars! Bonkers right! While I personally think that the coffee cup isn’t one of the biggest environmental enemies as people seem to make out, I mean come on compare it to fast fashion and try to argue with me… There is a definite need for people to switch to reusable cups.

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If nothing else, I would argue that a coffee cup is one of the simplest changes we can make, and can start people off on their sustainability journeys. I am forever telling you that sustainability isn’t all or nothing so any small changes we can make should be celebrated. Even with some really awesome and quite frankly beautiful reusable coffee cups out there, why do I see so many disposables still being used on our high-streets every single day?

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Why don’t people use reusable coffee cups?

I think there are several reasons, some people just don’t care. While that is a mindset that really grates on me, it is a fact. Some people are climate change deniers, some are people who just think they are too cool to care (we have all been there, yes, I am talking to you) and finally, I think people don’t actually realise that non-reusable coffee cups are actually lined with plastic. They look pretty harmless like they’re made from paper but in reality, coffee cups really not recyclable and most often end up in the landfill.

On top of that, we all need to get in the habit of just taking a reusable cup out with us, they’re not heavy and can actually save us money if we bring our own cup to various coffee shops! It’s a real win win.

I have two because I am a bit greedy that I love. The first is a water bottle from S’Wheat (Get £5 off with the code LOTTIE5) which I double up as a coffee mug and the second is a new Huski Home one that I recently received in a beautiful purple colour (20% off with the code LOTTIE)! Both are using plant based materials and preventing organic material going to waste. If you are in need of a new reusable coffee cup head to the links and check them out!

I have loads of sustainable swap ideas but some of my favourites are on this post just here or some of the best budget friendly swaps here!

Lottie xx

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