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Top 10 Green Tips for Expectant and New Parents

Day 2 of my guest post fortnight and today we have the Highland Eco Mum sharing some of her best sustainable parenting tips! Thank you so much for writing this awesome post.

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1. Plan your maternity wardrobe

These clothes will only be used for a few months. Only buy what you need. All the better if it’s second hand (10% off with code LOTTIE) or borrowed. 

2. Buy carefully 

Baby equipment is expensive so choose wisely.  Look up reviews and think carefully before you splash the cash.

3. Buy or borrow second hand 

Many items are only used for a short period of time so it’s worth looking into buying second hand or borrowing from a friend. The exceptions are car seats and mattresses which ideally should be purchased new.

4. Try renting

There are lots of rental options available for clothes and also nappies. Some even have the option to just rent new items. You could save a stack of cash and the environment too.

5. Cloth nappies

Newborns go through up to 10 nappies a day and although that reduces over time the environmental impact of disposables is massive. Look into cloth.

6. Reusable wipes

You will use at least one if not several wipes for every baby change. You will save a fortune and a ton of wipes if you give reusable a go. 

7. Breastfeed if possible 

Formula has massive environmental impact associated with manufacturing and transportation. Make informed choices around how you feed and the environment is just one aspect of that. 

8. Avoid pre made baby food

As is the case with formula, baby food involves additional manufacturing and transportation as well as preservatives and other additions to keep them fresh. Baby led weaning does not require any specialised food and if you want to use purées try blending family foods or pushing them through a sieve for the same effect. 

9. DIY toys and activities 

Babies really don’t need many toys at all! Try making some DIY ones from your rubbish. Clean lidded yogurt pots with a jar top inside have a satisfying rattle and empty boxes are hugely popular in our house. 

10. Reuse, sell, donate or recycle

Once you no longer have a requirement for everything you’ve bought and acquired dispose of it carefully. If you can’t reuse it then sell, gift or donate it. Recycling should be the last resort. 

About the Authour

@highlandecomum is a working parent of two young children making eco swaps in the Highlands of Scotland. 

Thank you Highland Eco Mum for sharing your sustainable parenting tips.

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