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My Autumn Bucket List – 21 Things to do This Autumn

One of the blogs I absolutely love is Greenify-Me, and I have recently been given the opportunity to write for it as well which is awesome! One of Ariana’s most recent posts was her Autumn Bucket List (well fall bucket list…) and it got me inspired. I have decided to share with you some of the things I would like to do and achieve this autumn and maybe even inspire you too!

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1. Head over to Over Farm Market – Pick Up Autumnal Produce 

If you live in Gloucestershire and you haven’t been to Over Farm Market (pronounced oover in my family) you seriously haven’t lived. It is the most gorgeous, wholesome little place! Every autumn they ramp everything up with pumpkin picking, haunted hayrides and you know those gorgeous multi colored carrots! So the first thing on my Autumn bucket list is to head over to Over Farm Market and pick up some lush organic, local produce.

2. Buy a Second Hand Coat

So I had a sad experience with my coat last winter… it got entangled with a dog claw and the coat is no more! This means I only own that full waterproof, mac style and let’s face it totally unappealing to the eye coat. While a solid option for a countryside walk, not exactly what I want to pop on for a drizzly date night. Therefore, I am on the lookout for a new coat, well new to me at least. While I have been scouting the charity shops in my area, I am also going to check out some second hand stores online such as Thrift + and Ebloggers (LOTTIE for 10% off), to try and find myself a bargain, while also feeling confident in how I look and the choices I have made for the planet. 

3. Second Hand Work Clothes

In a similar vein, I have recently started a new job and while it is far from a formal office environment, I am not sure that the cycling shorts and t-shirt look I have been rocking for the last 12 months is going to be appropriate. Similarly, my body has changed over this time and while I get used to my slightly bigger body, I also need to pick up some new clothes that I can actually breathe in. The first week or so has been a battle, believe me! I have discovered a whole new level of relief that goes along with popping your bra off when you get in for the day. For this I will probably have a look at some online second hand stores such as Thrift+ and Ebloggers (LOTTIE for 10% off)

4. Find Bobble Hats 

I am not ashamed to say, I think I look kind of adorable with a bobble hat and little plaits. So I am so excited to dig out my bobble hats and start wearing them everywhere, and yes I mean EVERYWHERE. (Don’t judge me okay?).

5. Winter Jumpers

So I know it says winter jumpers but I am British so two things… one I will take any opportunity I can to wear a jumper and two, it’s pretty cold here most of the year so jumpers are a must! Despite the necessity of it, I am very much looking forward to digging out my jumpers and maybe even treating myself to a few new second hand ones in the process. Again, probably having a look on Ebloggers (10% off with LOTTIE) or Thrift+

6. Dark Lipstick

I have to admit, since watching Zoella as a teenager, I have always had a soft spot for a deep red lipstick. Wow, all of my secrets are coming out today! I love when autumn rolls around and it is suddenly appropriate to wear a dark lipstick again. Saying that, it doesn’t stop me in the heat of summer! A few of you guys have commented on photographs of me wearing my absolute go to, saying you love it too. So if you do want to check it out follow this link here for some really cool, low waste autumnal lipsticks! 

7. Make Soup  

Soup is one of my go to lunches when the days start getting colder again, not only is it super easy to take to work and reheat when I can’t be bothered to make proper lunch on those dark horrible mornings, but it is a really awesome way to prevent food waste. I usually make my soups in a slow cooker (LINK) and store them in my freezer in reusable silicone bags like these ones. Why? Because it saves space and prevents having to throw lots of zip lock bags! I honestly love them so much. They make a small freezer so much bigger. 

8. Food Preservation 

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you will not be surprised to know that I absolutely LOVE my garden! For anyone else who grows their own veggies, you’ll know that you can often end up with a surplus of things. On top of this, because I like to shop seasonally and locally, I will quite often purchase food which is in season and preserve it so we can have it all year round! When autumn starts knocking on the door— not literally of course, that would be odd — it is my cue to make sure that I have started stocking up for the winter. Here are some ways I like to preserve food, and some of the key tools I like to use:

  • Blanch and Freeze Veggies, Fruit and Berries : Using Silicone Freezer Bags 
  • Dehydrate Fruit and Vegetables : Using Dehydrator and Jars
  • Pickle Beetroot and Cucumbers : Using Vinegar and Jars
  • Make Jams and Chutneys : Using my Bread Maker and Jars 
  • Canning Vegetables : Using Canning Jars 
  • Bulk Cook meals : Using a Slow Cooker and Storing Portions in Silicone Freezer Bags

I am yet to try fermenting but I am thinking about it for the future. Let me know if you would like to know more about food preservation techniques as I would love to share. 

9. National Trust Walks

I have been fortunate enough to have a National Trust membership for a good couple of years now and I have to say I LOVE IT!! I am still eligible for a young persons pass which means it only costs around £70 for both of us and there is nothing better to me than an autumnal walk around a beautiful property. If you don’t have a membership, I highly recommend getting one as you will have saved yourself money after just a couple of visits and they are just stunning locations to visit! 

10. Garden Plan 2022

I don’t know if this is tragic or not, but probably the thing I am most excited about doing this autumn is planning my garden for next year! This year is the first year I have really gotten into planting my own food and I am super looking forward to learning more about the garden and optimising my space reading for the spring. The aim for next year is to be as self sufficient as possible…wish me luck! 

11. Order and Plant Bulbs

The garden for me is more than just veg, I also want it to look beautiful. That is why something on my bucket list for this autumn is to order and prep the bulbs for next year. My lovely Granny ordered them for me from J Parkers and they have arrived. The next task is to plant them so they are ready to come up in the spring! What bulbs are you growing this year? 

12. Lavender

When we moved into our house there was a pretty hefty lavender bush in our garden. Although it is still flowering, I want to take some time this autumn to really trim it back, it has got a bit wild, and then I would love to be able to propagate some of it, ready for interplanting in the spring and also to use the dried lavender around the house. 

Some ideas I have had are:

  • Making homemade fabric softener AKA. Lavender infused white vinegar
  • Make some Lavender Bath Salts 
  • Make a Lavender Scented Carpet Refresher 

13. Herbs

It is this point in the year where herbs start looking a little sorry for themselves out in the garden, although the weather this year has made mine last a remarkably long time! Over Autumn, I am planning to take cuttings of my herbs, and create an indoor herb garden from propagating them in water. The remaining herbs I am going to freeze, ready to go into stews, curries and casseroles and also use my dehydrator to dry out the herbs for storage and to make them last much longer! 

14. Book Goals

I have always been into reading, if you have been following me for a little while I am sure you will know that. I have picked up a lot of books second hand this year and I am determined to complete a lot of them by the time Christmas comes. Who else has reading goals for this year? Comment down below what you are reading right now and whether you want me to share some of my favourite books! 

If you are interested in how you can love books but do it more sustainably, head over to this post here for more information. 

15. Get more regular with my blog 

This is something I have wanted to do for a couple of months now. I have to admit, I chose to step back a little due to the fact that life got a bit much. For my own sanity, I decided this was the thing that had to go on the back burner, although I have tried to keep it ticking along as much as I can. 

In the last few months, I have finished a Master’s, moved house and started a new job – so there really has been tonnes going on and I wanted to only put out content that was my best. 

Over the autumn, I am aiming to get super regular with my posting schedule, posting on specific days each week on my blog, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. There are so many things I want to share with you and this is going to start with me telling you about a few more of my favourite sustainable swaps. 

16. Set up my Shop 

For those of you who don’t know, I have set up my pop up shop! I am stocking some of my favourite products to help you try to gift more sustainably this Christmas. I know… it’s November but Christmas is coming! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have decorations or Christmas music around me until at least 1st December, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with getting organised! 

The shop has a wide range of things, such as zero waste living basics, which you could buy for yourself to prepare you for a more sustainable new year or could gift a starter kit to someone who really wants to live more sustainably but doesn’t know where to start. 

There are also stocking fillers, such as chocolate, tea, fudge, toiletries, candles, bath bombs… the list goes on! Anyway, if you love my blog and want to help support me, why not head over and check it out! And use the code BLOG10 for 10% off everything in store

Keep your eyes peeled this weekend, as my hampers are arriving! They are reusable gift bags, filled with a gorgeous selection of goodies, so you will not want to miss out! They really are a perfect solution to a stress free and eco-friendly Christmas.

17. Collect some pine cones 

I have to say, this is for no reason other than because I want to. Is that bad? There is just something about them that I find really beautiful and I am hoping to add them to a little bit of an autumnal/winter display in our house.

18. Start Christmas shopping 

I mentioned it above and I can hear you all screaming “IT’S NOVEMBER… DON’T USE THE C WORD!” but its so good to get organised, so I will definitely start planning my christmas shopping this Autumn. Keep your eyes peeled as I will be sharing some of my favourite zero waste gift ideas and other festive things when December is underway. 

19. Start lighting the candles in the house

This week was our first chilly day here in Gloucester, which means, it is finally time to light candles around the house! Did you know that most candles are actually toxic to you and the environment? This is primarily due to the paraffin wax in them. There are some really lovely candles we use in our house from Jungle Culture, which are a much more sustainable option. I love them so much I have actually decided to stock them in my shop for you. If you want to pick one up use the code BLOG10 for 10% off your order

20. Recharge

I have already mentioned the last few weeks and months have been super busy in my life and I really want to take some time this autumn to recharge and take some time for myself. I have recently turned 24, started a full time job, finished education, started a business and a bunch more grown up things. I feel like I have proper adult responsibilities now, and I want to make sure that I am making sure things don’t get too on top of me and allow myself to have an evening, every so often, to pop on a facemask and just read a book! 

21. Have a spooky film night

Promise you won’t judge me? For some reason I really really want to watch the Halloween town films with my little (well not so little) sister. We have plans to have a bit of a sleepover, pop on Disney+ and watch them all… this isn’t just me that loves a bit of childhood nostalgia right? 

Do you have any things you are desperate to do this autumn? Maybe you fancy doing some of the tings on my list. Let me know in the comments.

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