About Me

Hi! My name is Lottie and I am 23 years old. Depending on when you met me in my life, you may have known me by Charlotte, as a result, I am never sure how to introduce myself. For simplicity, let’s go with Lottie. For three years, I have been working at sustainable living by reducing my waste. It started when I bought ten discounted pumpkins but that is a long story for another day!

My journey

Here is a quick whistle-stop tour of my story. If you’ve zoned out already skip this paragraph. I was born in Gloucester, England and grew up in a mad house of 5 beagles, 2 parents, 1 sister and grandparents, boyfriends and friends coming and going as they pleased. I was NOT tidy, organised or even a pleasant teenager most of the time (just ask my parents) but somehow I have ended up here. Now, I’m a bit of a neat freak, pretty good at managing my money and am keen to do my part to preserve the world we live in.

I was fortunate to attend a good school, go to Exeter University and get a First Class maths degree. Now I study Medical Statistics at the University of Leicester. If you’re thinking “why on earth is she trying to do a masters, in the middle of a global pandemic AND start a blog?” – the honest answer is I don’t know but I AM LOVING IT. Anyway, that’s enough about me, what about this blog.

Little by Lottie

This blog was set up to share my experiences and give you some tips on how to simplify your life. I want to share how I have REDUCED my waste, REDUCED my spending and REDUCED the stress in my life. It doesn’t need to be difficult to live a sustainable life and I will show you some mistakes to avoid.

My Sustainable Living Promise

So here’s what I want to promise you:

  • No scaremongering. Although, sometimes this is needed to raise awareness of issues – this isn’t what I am about. I want to help people make steps on their journey and show that it can be simple.
  • Accessible sustainable living for all. Sustainable living is now at the forefront of people’s priorities and, consequently, I want to create a space to help people reduce their impact on the world, no matter where they are on their sustainability journey.
  • Authenticity. None of us are perfect in any element of our lives. We live in a world heavily dominated by capitalism which doesn’t match up easily with the idea of simplicity. This can make reducing the money you spend hard. I will show you that I am still learning and will share that you don’t need to be overwhelmed by sustainable living. Zero-waste IS NOT a call to be perfect, simply a call to do your best.

Finally, I really like chatting with people so please don’t ever feel like you are alone. If you want to chat about your situation or have any ideas to share with me, do get in contact. My email is hello@littlebylottie.co.uk

Lottie xx


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